Welcome all models, photographers, makeup artists, and more to the Talpool community.

Talpool is growing and fast becoming a leading talent platform for models, photographers, and all forms of talent. Join us and start by building a dynamic profile and portfolio.

About Talpool

Something magic happens when a project is created. It brings together a model, photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist and assistants. There is a rush you get when it comes together resulting in a shoot that is pure magic.

This is the platform Talpool has built for you. We want all members to work with great people. Talpool has all the right features to help further your career. This is your platform to show your best – all in one place.

Talpool is a fast-growing site and has everything you need. Build your profile information and post your beautiful pictures in your portfolio. You can create albums to show many styles and genres of your different shoots.  You can chat with any member and collaborate on ideas and working together.

We are all about enhancing your career because when you grow – we grow too.


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