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7 Tips on how to nail your perfect Modeling Profile!

Modeling Profile

If you want to become part of the modeling community, you will be looking at all sorts of modeling jobs. There are fashion models, runway models, alternative models, plus size models, senior models, and the list goes on.
No matter what kind of modeling jobs you are looking for, you will need to get your modeling profile or portfolio to be even considered for the job. Check out these top seven tips on how to build your perfect modeling profile and make it look attractive to the photographers, agencies, and clients who want to work with a model.


Excellent quality images!
It is common knowledge that the first the thing photographers, agencies and clients notice when hiring a model is their photos. Try not to upload your pictures that were taken from a phone. If you own a camera or your friend has got one, do not hesitate to use it. You should also try to upload photos with a natural look and use daylight. Go for a plain background, maybe a wall or a landscape, and try to keep it simple.
Try not to rely all your hopes on 1 photo, instead upload a few pictures on your modeling profile to show your versatility or growth as a professional.


Upload clear picture of your face
Pictures with your face turned away from the camera or you wear sunglasses are okay, but make sure you have at least 1 photo up there that clears shows your face. When looking for a model, it is crucial for the person to properly see your face.
A simple portrait of yourself directly looking into the camera would work just fine.


Avoid selfies and snapchat filters
It is hard for many industry members who go through your profile to take your selfies and snapchat filter pictures seriously. You might want to keep those images for your social media accounts only.

Group pictures may be confusing for a photographer or client
Taking pictures with a group of friends is a good idea, but uploading them to your modeling profile is not. Try to only upload pictures of yourself. It makes you look more professional and also makes it really easy for people to see what kind of model you are.


Night photography photos
Night photography might also not be a very good idea where light is low and people might still be unsure whether you are right for the modeling job or not. If you have before shot with a professional photographer then studio lighting pictures or daylight pictures are always a better option.


Many photographers and agents use Polaroids as a classic industry standard to see how you look without wearing any make-up, hair styling, and Photoshop. See if you can find a simple, plain wall for your photo background and go for a natural pose and face.


Connect you modeling profile to Instagram
Everybody loves following models on Instagram and by connecting your Instagram account with your modeling profile you get to show a wide range of shoots you can do. People can see your versatility from professional model photos to personal photo all in one place.


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