Clicks Create Influence


It all starts with a click. Our models can help you drive impressions and sales overnight.


Online branding is key. Talpool can build a scalable online marketing plan that properly promotes your brand across multiple platforms making sure we hit your brands key demographic.


Social media is visual. Talpool can bring your vision to life with our network of creatives from across North America to deliver the best quality that keeps people browsing your content.


A Picture can be are worth a thousand words. A video, however can be worth a million views. Social media platforms are favoring accounts that showcase more videos and ‘stories’, don’t get left behind.


A click is only the beginning. Talpool uses analytic tools to track every detail of a post or campaign and can put together reports detailed enough to the hour of day it’s best to post.


Clicks determine your influence. The number of impressions and visitors dictates your brands ability to scale up your business. Let us help drive the traffic to your brand to make you a success.