How To Get The Best From Your Model

How To Get The Best From Your Model

Whether you are a professional photographer or not, being a little kind to your model will cost you nothing. Modeling is a huge industry and obviously every model’s experience won’t be the same, just like the contents of this article won’t apply to everyone or every situation. These are not hard-and-fast rules to follow, but they are more like guidelines that can help you get the best from your model.


How you could help?

The easiest and quickest way to get the best from your model is to communicate with them. You can start by asking them how you can make them feel more comfortable during the shoot. It could be something as simple as a preferred snack or taking an early lunch. This may not make much difference to you, but as long as it makes your model happy, she will make the best efforts during the shoot.

The better the working environment you can offer, the better the results.


Collaborate and listen

Whether this is your first shoot or you are a professional photographer, we hope you are not arrogant to the point of thinking that your model isn’t capable of bringing anything to the table. She is part of the same industry as you and comes from completely different experiences, which you may be able to draw from. We also hope you would have discussed your ideas about the shoot and vague plan pre-shoot, with your model.

You also cannot ignore that things develop over shoot, inspirations strike, ideas change and pretty often the results are not what you had imaged, but you don’t love them any less.

Experienced models are often really good at spotting little things in the images that you might not. Like some weird shadow in the photo, the strange angle of a body part, or something else. Small things like these take no more than few seconds on a shoot, but they can make all the difference.


Gratitude will be gratefully received

The memory cards are full, the shoot is finished and everyone is happy with the results. Great! Now would be the time you say your goodbyes and you both go your separate ways.

Well, not exactly.

Let’s assume you would like to work again with this model, you should drop her a text or email saying that you had a good time working with her and that you hope she feels the same. Let her know you are happy with how the images turned up and assure her that you value her input and contribution to the creative process.

Finish it off with a pleasing reference and hopefully you may also receive one back.


The finishing touch

No model particularly enjoy seeing her unpleasing photographs out in the industry. Of course, models are also humans and sometimes spots, shadows, and make-up imperfections are just unavoidable. However, not many models would like to work with you again if the final product doesn’t paint them in a positive light.

We are only saying to polish your photographs are little, you can use tools like Photoshop and Lightroom for that. However, at the end of the day it really depends on the theme and feel of your shoot.

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