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Is The Modeling Industry Changing?

Is The Modeling Industry Changing?


Applying for modeling is easier today than ever before, for two major reasons. First of all, there are few very effective online platforms like Talpool that help inspiring models to create their online portfolios and connect with people in the industry. Secondly, the modeling industries in Canada, America, and around the world are becoming more open and accepting of people with different body styles.
It is not a news to anyone that millennials are really shaping the trends of the online world, be it modeling, beauty or fashion. They are pushing the norms and making these industries to be more inclusive of people other than the Hollywood Starlets. Creating more space in the industries for diversity and granting everyone their opportunity of representation. Our modeling community is all pro for this change.
If you ever thought that you couldn’t apply for modeling due to any physical feature that makes your stand out, today the same feature may be your chance to succeed in the modeling industry.
Here are just three models who used their individuality to become the reason for their success.

Ralph Souffrant

He has admitted to hating his freckles in the past, which was the reason for constant bullying and stares. Today, he has modeled for leading brands like Diesel, Yeezy, Addidas, and Calvin Klein. Embracing his skin condition helped him become a successful model and get his family out of poverty.

Diandra Forrest

She had always dreamt of becoming a model and did become the first albino African-American to get signed by a major modeling agency. You may have seen her in a number of editorials and runways, and in music videos with Beyoncé and Kanye West.


Sara Guerts

She is also one of the few exceptional models who has carved their niche in the industry despite a rare skin condition that wrinkled her body at a young age. She is a well-recognized, full-time model and also featured in the Volition Magazine’s 2017 issue on body-positivity.


Since the last few years, beauty and modeling industry around the world is talking about body positivity and creating ways for healthier practices. There have been numerous campaigns and models promoting body diversity and health. The sister store of American Eagle, Aerie launched an ad campaign emphasizing ‘The Real You’ in 2014, where they only used un-retouched pictures of their models. This was a successful campaign and it got carried over in 2016 as well.

France actually passed a bill that banned hiring models who are considered to be excessively thin. They also made it mandatory for models to get a certificate from their doctor to vouch they are healthy enough to work.

Modeling and fashion industry today are taking body diversity and not following the traditional standards of beauty prominently. However, we believe this shift in the industry is bigger than promoting healthier practices and creating opportunities for people with different body styles, it is about changing mindsets.

Even though the change is still coming, it appears that this is the best time for anyone with passion and talent for the art to try their luck.

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