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About Kate Snig

Im a full-time art model based in Vancouver, with 4 years of freelancing experience. I was signed with an agency since I was 12 years old in Eastern Europe and then in Toronto. While taking Political Schience at York University I produced my original art work as well as reproductions of my favourite avant-garde artist ( In the last 4 years of freelance modelling I was lucky enough to visit over 30 different countries and work with amazing artists from all over the world. As a model I like to be fluent like water: change from classy to trashy, dynamic and fiery to cold, static and fragile. I like abstract in photography, as well as complex composed imagery. I think diversity is my main strength and I’m not afraid to say that I want to learn how to be the best in every genre I try. Besides being mainly a subject in my recent photo collaborations, I can also provide art direction, styling and techical education if required. This is my local Meetup group: I’m on a road 50% of the time, and if I’m not then you can find me in Vancouver or Toronto. Please contact me @ for booking inquiries.

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