Talpool Services



Talpool not only manages content creators and influencers we also create content for brands and our talent. We put together creative strategies for brands to get their message out through the various social media networks. It’s our business to know the trends and which platform is on top or which platform suits a brands needs.

We work with many talented creatives that can create the content that grabs the attention of the demographic you are after. We also have our influencer division and can find someone that can get your brand attention with just one post. When combined these two divisions can create campaigns that can drive traffic to your social media platforms and retail outlets. Having long term engagement with your social media platforms is how you inform potential customers of new merchandise launches and general company news.


Content Creation

We can set up and shoot an entire campaign with our Vancouver or LA based teams and have content that works across all social media platforms. This content is shot at the highest quality so it can scale up to large print or even exterior advertising or scaled down to fit on platforms such as Instagram or TikTok. Our teams include photographers/videographers, editors, make-up artists and stylists.  MORE INSIGHT HERE


Talpool Influencer management  

Talpool will identify potential brands and mold your social media to fit their needs and interests without sacrificing quality of content, your personal image, or alienating your audience and followers we can also put together social media kits, assess potential rates and packages for advertisers, put together reports and proposals for brands based on their particular needs.

We will connect with brand representatives, negotiate campaign contracts and products, terms of service and payment, and other contractual details. Arrange third party interviews, photo ops and publications through other social channels and print media to increase your presence and relevance, and further develop your social media worth.

Talpool tracks and manages your social media execution and your various contracts and campaigns on an efficient and timely basis, this helps you stay on top of your content and publishing it based on your contractual commitments. We will give you advice on your public image, help you slowly transition to meet your image and audience goals.

Let us help with your content management, progress tracking, analyzing insight and other demographic data on an ongoing basis to better understand improvements that need to be made. Secure real world invites and attendances to events, campaigns and arrange travel and accommodation amenities and luxuries often offered for discounts or for free as part of social media campaigns or as a social media influencer.