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The Top 10 Places to Shoot with Models in California

The Top 10 Places to Shoot with Models in California

A professional photographer’s profile is incomplete if he or she cannot come up with the most appropriate shooting place for different projects. When shooting outdoors, your location plays a major role in how the pictures will turn up.

We have found out top 10 places in California to shoot with models.

  1. Northern Coast – The Redwoods

This national forest is popular for its extremely large trees, you could even drive your car through the trunks. It’s a marvel, a true wonder and can be a great spot to shoot with large trees at the back.


  1. Empire Mine State Park

The California State Park has been preserved because of its natural beauty. There are many locations you can use for your shoot, including some mine locations. Go with a creative perceptive and you could end up with some killer photos.


  1. Treasure Island

With the history of strong military influence, this man-made island is now renovated to be a thriving residential area. You can see a breathtaking view of the San Francisco from the west side of the island. However, make sure you have a solid tripod and you are prepared for the strong breeze.


  1. San Francisco

There are too many places to shoot at and too many inspiring places for photographer profiles. We could make a completely separate list for places to shoot in San Francisco. However, some highlights and a photographers’ adventures would include the Golden Gate Bridge, the cable cars, many piers along the coast, and the Golden Gate Park.


  1. Natural Bridges State Park

This is another great place if you need coastal photos. You can capture some awe-inspiring pictures right at sunset or if you are lucky to get storm clouds in the sky. The color of the sky will be very important for these pictures, so make sure you have done your research before going to Natural Bridges State Park.


  1. Mono Lake

As the ecosystem has dramatically changed at the Mono Lake and the water level has dropped 25 foot, you can find some quite amazing coral formations that stick out of the water. These formations are pretty fascinating to see and they would definitely give you some unique and captivating pictures.


  1. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a stunning place to shoot at. All year round you can find some photo-worthy spots. The water is wonderfully clear in summer and in winter. Moreover, if you do go to Lake Tahoe, make sure to check out Bonsai Rock as well.


  1. Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth is quite close to many other places in High Sierras of California. There are great waterfalls and majestic landscapes that can captivate anyone who goes there. If you have done your research, you can come back with some amazing photos.


  1. Death Valley

Death Valley is one barren desert in California. If you are seriously passionate about taking some different kind of photos and you can stand the heat, then it is the best spot for you. However, make sure you have thought this through and have ideas to best capture this place with its raw beauty.


  1. Big Sur

From the Santa Lucia Mountains climbing off the coast to the vast California Redwoods in the forest, right off the coast, you will come to face with some really exceptional sights. When you are in the central coast area, you will find something breathtaking to capture.

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