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Things To Remember When Replying To Casting Calls

Things To Remember When Replying To Casting Calls

Whether you are a model or a photographer, most of you at some point would have to apply for a casting call. It can often be really improved if you consider a few aspects of replying to casting call and try to remember them the next time such situation arises, for better results.
There are a great number of dos and don’ts when it comes to replying to casting call, however following are what few points that most experts believe to be critical.

When replying to a casting call, make sure to carefully read the entire casting
It may sound rather obvious, but too often people hit the Apply button just after reading the first couple of lines. When you carefully read the entire casting there might be some significant factors that make your application either not likely to be successful or totally inapplicable.
One example of this could be that the employer needs you to be available during a certain time slot when you won’t be able to attend. Always read the whole thing before you apply.

Apply to a casting only if you actually meet complete requirements
It is quite simple to remember, if you are a Female then don’t apply for a Male’s casting.
Again, it sounds like the most obvious thing, but it happens more often than you would think. It is not just about the Female and Male issues, let’s say if a casting asks for a dark skinned with black hair, then there is almost no point in applying if you are a Redhead with light skin.

The person who posted the casting wants to shoot it the way it is mentioned.
Once you apply to a casting don’t expect to be making changes afterward.
Of course, you can suggest a pose or some alternation in the clothes. However, you cannot expect a lingerie shooting to be changed to a swimwear shooting for any reason. This kind of behavior more often than not ruin the shoot for everyone.
On the other hand, if you are a photographer and you applied to a location-based shoot, don’t expect to get it changed to a studio because that’s where you would be more comfortable. The rules are set by casting people, don’t apply if you can’t go through them, for any possible reason.

Don’t include rates for a TF, collaboration or trade casting
Everyone likes to be paid, but if you are applying to a TF casting, don’t aspect getting paid. You will receive something for the job, but it won’t be money.
Which is why including rates means that you blatantly ignored the casting criteria and it portrays you in a bad light.

Many casting, especially the ones from someone popular, get too many replies
You shouldn’t expect an immediate reply. Many factors can affect replying to people like work, time availability, illness etc.
It might just be laziness. Whatever the reason may be, after waiting for a reasonable amount of time just assume that you were not suitable and let it be. Don’t take it personally and ruin your terms with the casting people, it will just mean you will never be considered for any future casting no matter how suited you may be.

Make sure you remember these basic five aspects when replying to casting calls in future.

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